måndag 28 december 2009

The overzelous belief of evolutionist cost us scientific breakthroughs

The overzelous belief of Evolution - witch is one of the most overrated and badly underbuilt scientific theories of today, this become very evident when you think of all the resources that's pored in to the ongoing research projects for the proof of evolution searching for the proofs "that has to be there" without any real unambiguous results. In the field of paleontology which should be the field of science that you think would have given us the "bone-afied" proofs for this theory of evolution there isn't any conclusive evidence really, in fact the evidence speak against evolution: there should be millions and millions of fossils showing us all kinds of intermediate spieces, and weird intermediate spieces at that.. But there aren't. Then to salvage their theory, so that wont loose they're faces the naturalist (scientist and laymen alike within the naturalist movement) try to band aid their theory with an adhoc theory, or support wheels if you will:
Colin Patterson, B.M.N.H.:"Well, it seems to me that they have accepted that the fossil record doesn't give them the support they would value so they searched around to find another model and found one. ...When you haven't got the evidence, you make up a story that will fit the lack of evidence." Darwin's EnigmA, p.100'
The lack of proof for a theory should tell you that it's not probable to work on, and that you should pursue other optional theories. If there aren't any hope of finding that you can then go and look for whitewash. If you don't work after that principle, the logic sais you'd trown a lot of resources of something that wasn't very credible in the first place. The outlook of finding anything that'll show the theory's correspondence with reality is getting less and less probable. Why should scientist around the world then put so mutch of their money to evolution and even let it support theories within other fields of science than just paleontology (the one that it perhaps might belong to and where it doesn't affect our progress in IT or medicine), if it even isn't fit to fight/stand its ground in its own homefield, why should it be used elsewhere? I'm talking about geology, where tree of evolution and it's time accord; they sometimes time stamp different geological segments of the earth after witch fossil findings who's found in that segment of the earths inner. And sometimes if they find a new fossil they date it after the age that geological segment. So this is a big problem also. It doesn't stop there they use the badly underbuilt evolution theory to chart medecine and theory too. This eats up resources and delay real results from all the scientific labor. And it diverts people from the truth, and real and trustworthy scientific results.

These are quotations backing me up from naturalistic scientist:

(R.A. REYMENT Quoted) "The occurrences of long sequences within species are common in boreholes and it is possible to exploit the statistical properties of such sequences in detailed biostratigraphy. It is noteworthy that gradual, directed transitions from one species to another do not seem to exist in borehole samples of microorganisms." (H.J. MACGILLAVRY Quoted) "During my work as an oil paleontologist I had the opportunity to study sections meeting these rigid requirements. As an ardent student of evolution, moreover, I was continually on the watch for evidence of evolutionary change. ...The great majority of species do not show any appreciable evolutionary change at all." Paleobiology, Vol.3, p.136

S. M. Stanley, Johns Hopkins "The record now reveals that species typically survive for a hundred thousand generations, or even a million or more, without evolving very much. We seem forced to conclude that most evolution takes place rapidly...a punctuational model of evolution...operated by a natural mechanism whose major effects are wrought exactly where we are least able to study them - in small, localized, transitory populations...The point here is that if the transition was typically rapid and the population small and localized, fossil evidence of the event would never be found." p.77, 110, New Evolutionary Timetable, 1981

So start looking for the truth and don't believe the bad excuses for a theory that wasn't really that convincing in the first place. DNA, RNA, peecocks, the human brain, our self consciousness, isn't a coincidence. Our world isn't a mere coincidence. It's a miracle to unlikely to be created by chance, and it's not unscientific to be led by that notion in your scientific work.

söndag 27 december 2009

The best free computer game out now: Leauge of Legends

Now the follow up to DoTA is here; Leauge of Legends, the best mod gone solo since CS who was a mod (that means modification, new game of another games "game-engine") to Half life. Download it for free at www.lol-europe.com.. You won't regret it!

/Da dude that makes you think

Leauge of Legends


Ett MO-RTS (multiplayer online real time strategy-spel). Spelet är i stort sett en ensamstående utveckling av "moden" DoTA för Warcraft 3, lite upp-"hotad" grafik samt med fler variationer av valbara karaktärer. Spelet har utvecklat av samma utvecklare som utvecklade DoTA (Defence of the Acients) den populära modden till Warcraft 3, som nästan är lika populärt som warcraft 3 själv för närvarande. Spelet är för närvarande gratis och kan laddas ner på www.lol-europe.com (där kan man hitta den version av spelet där man spelar på Europeiska servrar).

Spelet spår jag kommer bli en succé om den lyckas locka alla som gillar DoTA, i och med att spelet är grattis och byggt på ett populärt multiplayer online spel, som har en stor fanskara som inte har minskat på 6-7 år.. Det enda som kostar i spelet är att köpa till tilläggs karaktärer och lite andra resurser.

Spelet går ut på att man styr ett gäng hjältar (sk. Legends) och då sin egen bas ifrån förstörelse (om basen tas sönder förlorar man) beskydda sina egna kanonmat (dvs datastyrda fotfolk) så att den kan slå sönder motståndarlagets bas, man kan också själv slå med sin hjälte på motståndarlagets bas givetvis.

Spelet betatestas fortfarande.

Externa länkar: www.lol-eruope.com