onsdag 18 mars 2009

A very gripping message! To see it in full lengthe press here! (I'm sorry for the very very american - introduction voiceover dude in this longer version! That is really lame and it takes away some of the message credibility, though the preacher seems like a nice guy! Btw his organisation is doing a really god job - spreading the gospel in Asia..!)

tisdag 17 mars 2009


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A picture i made in photoshop to showcase what the lyrics in about a burning fire is about - the passionate burning love God has for us!

A little nice claymotion musicvideo that someone on youtube has made to one of my favourite song of favourite groups Blindside! It makes the message of the songs more clear! That all of us are searching for an open arm! And that in fact we're longing for the kind of deep love that only God could give us!


The singer goes to my church New Life in sthlm sometimes with his wife.. he's a nice dude!

And in the original musicvideo he has a Namur T-shirt on him - I have exactly the same kind of T-shirt! It's quite fun, noticed it today.. ^^

måndag 16 mars 2009

Buddhism a dark street leading nowhere..

Dark street, originally uploaded by Eleonore Indra.
My critique of atheism (it's big lack of explination-ability for the orgin of the universe!) in my previous blogg entry doesn't out rule a supernatural atheistic worldview like Buddhism or other kinds of atheistic religion like taoism, and different forms of hinduism etc etc, as an eternal cosmic force isn't logically subdued by the limits of the physical forces/powers - the limits of naturalism - but there is other big logical flaws these kinds of belief systems. They can not in a full way explain the whole nature of our existence! Which I believe only theism can do. (Theism = the belief that and all powerful and personal God created us)

But in what way are those religions lacking probablity?

Buddhism and other impersonal cosmological beliefs - like Hinduism/Taoism /Shamanism etc - has the REALLY REALLY BIG problem of explaining why there is a ordered universe - that in addition to that even looks like it's made for us – well.. calibrated even!? If it’s just some uncontrolled accident of some kind of impersonal celestial force?

Explain to me how a impersonal mombo jumbo-cosmic force could order something - DNA and jumbojets and whole societies? And even harder explaining how something personal is created when the origin itself is impersonal? With no thoughts and without feelings how could this impersonal supernatural force (whatever it may be called in the different eastern religions) - cause our ability to be thinking/feeling beings? How can something completely impersonal plan and even want to create things with souls when it itself doesn't have a soul?

Buddhism doesn’t even know what - it - is, as nothing is supposed to exist. So what is this nothingness which caused the universal illusion we live in as buddhism has as their main doctrin? I would like to see it or atleast have it explained to me! They don't really know. The “thing” that in this universal nothingness created the “universe illusion” is unnamed and is a taboo which a good Buddhist prefers not to talk about aspecially not to newly recruits. It is a hot potato they've passed to me you might say, I’ve named the potato (the Buddhistic creation problem) the Na-thing fitting name isn’t it?! Almost as catchy as the BIG BANG!

But you must know that even though Buddhism has the rumor about it of being an old religion with profound wisdom acumelated in to it's teachings over they years; Buddhism hasn't being improved in case of it's apologetics and logic. And therefor there's still nothing in the belief itself which makes it probable merely some peoples desperation for something spiritual in there lifes! (But my suggestion to You, if You are one of these persons look up a real belife, which don't contradict reason, something that's trustworthy instead! Start searching for Jesus!)

The reality is that Buddhism isn't about real deep and logical philosophy it's about blind faith in a idea a guy named Sidartha (the original name to the - 1st - Buddah) had a couple of 1000 years ago, either you believe "and you get it" (probably you don't get it otherwise cause then you would've achieved Nirvana! And then You wouldn't be in this demension anymore.. ^^) or you don't and your one of those trying to analyze to much (like me)!
All is just illusion as is our ability to reason.. so stop thinking to much.. (they say. Stupid, why won't we just stop living with that certain goal nirvana, if nothing points in that direction? We must analyze if we are to value our lives and what we aim for!
The how/what/why? It's not something to pounder upon Buddhist say. To think about why the illusion came to be and who's having it is bad questions for a Buddhist. But out in the real world, they are real question who need real answers. And if you'd ask it Your Buddhistmonk/teacher will probably spank you, atleast if you ask several times. You have to remember as thinking logically is a part of this illusion of life in the Buddhist viewpoint, the religious practical act like meditation, rambling mantras, is what will give you true divine knowledge in the Buddhist belief. And it doesn't matter you have the knowledge of the total nothingness of the Cosmos, you have to see it in your inner vision blabla..
So basically a life of devote Buddhist is about doing religious rites, and to try to understand something you know as a fact (that You where taught as a child), you "allready think you know but You don't really", till You can get in the proper devine way - that even Your teacher don't even grasp . It's like being teached 2+2 is 4 over and over again (by a teacher who doesn't even get the meaning of all this repetitive brainwashing himself either). If you get it - and believe it - why don't You achieve Nirvana? No, You have to concentrate harder! But I allready get it master Lama! But think harder! But I already know what 2 + 2 is it's 4! It doesn't seem easy being a Buddhist..?

As for the rest of the panteistic religions:
Critical thought is something to be frowned upon - not just in the buddhist croud - but within all the other panteistic beliefs too. In their religions logical thoughts is mainly seen as attempts You make to cling on to the things of this world (bad bad, just think spiritual thoughts!!!).. So it's like a giant sect or black hole whatever you want to call it! Easy to jump in to but perhaps harder to climb out of!
For us outsiders is just a big mystery on how these kinds of meaningless and illogical religions can claim western peoples focus and how it has inslaved so many people with this deppressing thoughts in Asia for thousands of years – those people must really be desperate or slowly brainwashed in to believing all this mist of illogical thought. Perhaps both.
Why I think buddhism and other eastern religions is growing in popularity in the west is:
Firstly Christianity is viewed upon as something of the past, that is allready delt with and rejected by the enlightened western world. In their eyes christianity is passé.
I also believe that ther reason the eastern religion is growing in popularity even in spite of this era that is so defined by scientific thought and reason has to do with increasing influense of the post modern thinking that has more and more influensed our thinking in the western world. According to Postmodernism there can't be a true and objective narrative about origin of our existense (as narratives are only looked upon as 100% man-made words and our languages is constructed and limited, therefor in the postmodern viewpoint there can't come objective thoughts from us). Postmodernists believe we can't grasp the objective world with our man made constructions called beliefs. The ironi of this I have to say is that they themself make claims on the truth - being relative and unattainable (even they themselves should be unable to do so with their own logic). But anyway the invasion of postmoderism in to the western society has made it less important to start reasoning about something being true before someone start's believing it (as postmodernism sais it's impossible anyway). As no man can grasp what the real truth of our existense is.. it's more apealing (for the time being) to start following something quite stupid, that gives You some sort of hope and makes You feel a little bit better your doing something spiritual, the important thing is that it isn't materialistic..
(Perhaps they feel better believing all thing will not end after death - but remember a real buddhist sees this as a threat and not as something good, being reeincarnated/rebirth is what a real buddhist is trying to stop and the whole reason for their religous endevors. As buddah teaches that all things in life will lead to suffering)
..and perhaps a little less stressful as you meditate (but You can ofcourse reason that You just as well can mediate as christian too and relax, me personally; I think that when You get to know that there's a real and loving father in heaven that loves us so much he even died for us would be a more relaxing than to think that the whole cosmos is an dark illusion, but hey, it could be just me..
All the tricky parts in Buddhism the people with postmodern beliefs tend to pick away and choose the parts of the religion they see fit. So why don't You do it too? Grabb Buddhism by it's balls and let it massage You in a way You like.. And don't do this with anyone of the other big religion, because it's more convenient to this with the eastern religions as they are so split up in all kinds of totally different beliefs, millions of different beliefs. One for each village. Mutch more so than in for instance in Christianity or Islam.. Choose a pundit that fits You so You can continue with being promiscuous or taking drugs or whatever makes You tick, and to believe that reincarnation is something possitive and to use healing stones even though everything is an illusion! Hey! You're postmodern you can believe whatever You want to believe. But this mix of eastern and western beliefs is more populary called New Age. The new agers on the other hand view reincarnation like something positive, that we evolve gradually with the knowledge we get, but I like to wonder if they think Hitler will be better in his next life (if he is born like something bad like a bacteria), why would he suddenly get an urge to be better?

Anyhow eastern religions are for people who's fed up with logical thinking though. For people would like to believe that sitting on your but for a while mumbling mantras and focusing on void and darkness or Brahman (=the world soul = the cockroach is You and You are the cockroach, & the cockroach has You. All is one..) will lead them to the true meaning of life! I guess this is for people who is desperate! (But not as desperate to let go of their own egos as Christianity demands..)
But I think what these people really is longing for is God and that he is the thing that can resolve the hole in their hearts, it's not Nirvana - it's not by seasing to exist or to become one with everything as hinduism teaches (also stopping to existing as a person)! It's to know the God who loves us!
People get stuck in the "dark hole of Buddhism" quite easily and devoting your life to these meaningless religious exercises of focusing on darkness and void (and sometimes even on corpses and things that revolts you!) for a long period of time will seriously hurt your soul (and Your feelings and depress You) and it will hurt your ability to think rational as you are unlearned normal healthy rational thinking. And perhaps it’s even hard for people to admit to themselves that they have wasted their lives on meaningless.
In addition to that Buddhism (and it’s likes) is a negative film pulled over the eyes of the believer. It paints everything dark so very dark, you have no soul! No purpose! You can't even make suicide as you would get reincarnated as something less good than You as a punishment - perhaps a sewer rat! (btw suicide is quite normal way out of tricky situations in India as they believe they will be reborn)
The only small glimpse of light a Buddhist has that in the end of the reinkarnation cycle - in this dark tunnel they believe they are in - that they cease to exist! If you are lucky it will only take a couple of thousands of rebirths/reinkarnations, but more likely millions of times! In addition Your friends souls are also illusions (and if you think of it this view share this with atheism) made out of other life-lines carmas forming their souls!
Thinking of it it’s a really enormous mystery to me - how western media is so welcoming to this religion of death? It's strange why it’s being exalted so much as it is! AS IT OFFERS NO HOPES AND ONLY NIGHTMARES! Living as a devote Buddhist is like living The shining – a nightmarish existence without sunlight and love!

A little true story to end it off:
A Swedish journalist a few years back wanted to learn about – what she first thought – the peace loving Buddhistic monks every day life. But an everyday event taught her this religion's true nature. What happened was that a cat climbed quite far up in a tree – where it didn’t dare to go down from. For several days he sat there mewing. The female journalist was so perplexed about this so called peace loving monks indifference; that after a while she became very upset at them and asked why they didn’t help the poor cat? They answered her that they thought it was just this cats karma from a previous life that was giving the cat what it deserved. That egoism at work fellas!
And btw. if you look on this event with Buddhist eyes it's very self contradicting if all is an illusion the cat in the tree wasn’t for real (as nothing is), therefore (the none existing) monks should continue their meditation till they finally realise this. (Don't You agree that if You put it like this Buddhism is really silly, and stupid, yet really deppressing for it's believers..)
Poor none existing cat with aclaimed moral responsiblity! Welcome to illogical egoistic reality of Buddhistic hell! Just think of what this thinking does with people? It is truly frightening. The article was posted in the Swedish renown (in Sweden) newspaper Dagens Nyheter if my memory serves me right.

Way to go Buddha the greatest brainwasher of all times! And Buddha-follower on the net why should a person waste their life on something that is both pessimistic and improbable? Please feel free to put down a comment! And perhaps point out things I might have missed in description/dissection of Buddhism! But I think I've given the real and correct picture of it's teachings and it's flaws.
And yet Buddhism is more of a anti intellectual spiritual movement of wich many of it's scholars frown upon logically thinking things through in a thorough way.. So perhaps it's pointless to point all this flaws out as the buddhist may claim that it's impossible to understand the mystery of life through! But logic is the one thing we know always can be true 2+2 isnt 3. And nothingness doesn't equal "somethingness", caugh, what about Big Bang, haha? But I can at least testify to You that there is a living God doing miracles daily and showing his love to the people around me every day! That is the life and purpose I think you are longing for as a Buddhist (and as all humans do!)! Why else would you be a Buddhist if you thought that seeking materialistic wealth (as many do around You) was the futile way to search after happiness and not a fulfilling or a meaningful life!? As a buddhist you know you are lacking something, and that you are incomplete and unable to live a good meaningful life by your own! But look:
- the Buddhist answer to this is to; give up and try to stop/seasing to exist!
- we as Christians know that the missing peace is Jesus! That when He moves in to our lives we can be complete and happy again! You get peace on the inside that surpasses all knowledge, and other worries. That's what happens when You let God carry You through this sometimes rough life. He carries us home, the home we are all longing for; heaven! He is the one our inner being is shouting for, even craves for! And he is waiting for You to let him in to Your life. Jesus is a gentlemen he won't force himself in to your life. He's waiting for You!

So God bless you my friend, God (witch is Jesus!) is the real life you are looking for! He wants to give You peace on the inside and hope for a future! He can set You free from all of Your sins if You accept what he did for You while duying on the cross!

PS. Hinduism and Buddhism are not peaceful beliefs. These religious groups are to this day persecuting Christians (and sometimes people of other believes). And in the areas of India where Hinduism is still strong they persecute the poor people known as untouchables/The Dalits as they are seen upon as people who have been reincarnated as poor because of their previous supposedly bad previous lives (how fair is to be punished for something You don't even know "You" have done). But there is hope Christianity is spreading amongst the untouchables/The Dalits (as they are called in india).. and with christianity there comes people who gives them a chance to believe in themselves as christianuty say they are sons and daughter of a God that loves them. Christian organisations also give them help with the education, this helps the dalits to get other job than the ones they had before, Dalits ofthen get jobs no one else want as cleaning the sewers and taking out the garbage and excrement out if the cities etc. Education and helping the dalits is frowned upon the rich/middleclass hindues of higher kast's, as this disrupts the unrightoues system that has been Indias way for thousands of years. Now it's important to remeber that even though the law in India has outruled this is the last 50 years, it's hard leaving tradition who has been around for thousands of years and who fits really well with the hinduistic worldview (there are people who have been reincarneted in to less good surcomstances than You; because of their lack of religious stife or evil deeds). So the discriminating cast system is still a very big problem all over india, and will live on for as long as hinduism has India in it's gripp.

torsdag 12 mars 2009


In Sweden -and Stockholm in particular - where I've grown up the consensus is that: just stupid people believe in God. Thats the general opinion in 2nd the most atheistic country in the world. Thank Him (God) it's not the case in other countries.. where the people aren't just bullied in to believing the false/illogic belief of Atheism.

Dearest atheists of the world I dare proclaim that you guy s's shared world view is deeply flawed, and very improbable, if not to say illogic.

My nature science teacher back in high school said the cause of Big Bang was the unbalance in matter and antimatter. I couldn't help but wonder - how could they teach this "bullsh**t". And I asked him that in class; where did unbalance come from - if nothing existed?

We don't know he said. Yet he remained a deeply convicted atheist. And tried to assure all his pupils of the importance of believing in what he viewed was the most "scientific view Naturalism, that mater is all there is, and that is what have caused us.

You could respond to my question and say that whatever was before the Big Bang was strictly physical eternal energy.

But could there really be an eternal naturalistic universe eternally old? How would that kind of universe work? An universe like that would demand that an infinite amount of things would have happened before now and that's not possible and here is the detailed explanation:

To showcase the problem of this thinking - how could there ever be an eternal line of domino bricks - standing in line - falling all the way until now?

There couldn't be:
1. Firstly nothing can cause the first domino brick to fall/move.

2.AND IN ADDITION TO THAT THERE ARE NO FIRST BRICK IF IT'S AN ETERNAL CHAIN there would always be a brick that was previous to the one you think is the first one and even that makes no sense.

"If you'd come closer you'd always see a domino brick standing lurking back in the shadows of the one you thought was the last domino brick. And think of it what a universe would that be? It would be a universe where it was impossible to count a distinguished domino bricks place (oh, that domino brick is the 2milliont 21st) ? So it's not logically possible."

3. And todays science is in fact quite sure that time has come in to existence "at a certain point in time" (at Big Bang actually) - it has not always existed AND BIG BANG in fact STARTED TIME. So what on earth can physically happen/excist before there where no time? Nothing that we know about at least and for sure not something that is in progress/transformation/is changing.

Some people respond to the things abow with the proposition: that maybe there could have been a causal force that made the universe form which where of a nature that was/is in a infinite form and not finite form or divided in to happenings. This force they say could rather be an eternal happening that always has existed - an ongoing undivided causal force - and not a chain of separate causal events that created us. The problem is with this theory that this universe is finite, and all the natural forces and happenings we know of is finite and transfers in steps between different energy levels or position (or what have you) there is no sutch thing as an infitite force in this finite universe. All we can see is distinct diverse happenings!

So face it atheist, that hypothesis is also out ruled. So all the Naturalist/atheistic options of belief of the forming of the universe is impossible. Atheism is not a choice for someone who wants to rely on real logics. There is no really satisfactory way to explain the beginning of the universe in an (naturalistic) atheistic manner.

There must be a God who flicked his finger and started the chain of Domino Bricks to fall! There must be an "almighty flicker of point finger"-er! The alpha and Oh-maker!
And i think he loves us! And this is why:

-He made the cute little kittens!
-And the flowers of spring! And he gave us the beauty sense to appreciate it which would be impossible for evolution to procure (at least in it's own - without God)!

-And the ability for love, laugh,

So ofcourse he loves us, all the people in the world should be able to see that (Even if bad things happen too.. but it's so clear that God doesn't want that to happen then he wouldn't have blessed us with all those other things mentioned! And there's an endless list of other things to mention! I promise more on the topic later on the mystery of God being good and all powerful and still letting evil stuff happen/be in the world.. The short answer is: God lets evil happen cause he gave us a free will and we humans let it happen!

So You should be glad and not dismayed by the fact that God created us! There is a God and he loves You, things even point towards that he even died for You; on the cross as the man Jesus of Nazareth! Wiping away all our guilt slates clean on the cross!! (But more on that later in a later blog-post!)

I know that God is real - I have even met God myself! As a warmth for instance! And I have to urge you to get to know him send him some prayers and give him your life it's the best thing You could do! You won't regret it!

604 metres above

Would be cool if it was the same girl on both pictures - because both pictures are submitted on flikr. They both are portraits of the famous Norwegian nature wonder Preikestolen (which means the preachers pulpit). Some people are both brave and dumb at the same time. Both of these girls must be.. 8)

604 metres above, originally uploaded by brghld.

But I guess it's not.. (I noticed now that the 1st girl where black pants..
would have been cool though.. haha)