måndag 29 juni 2009

Serie stripp

Min kompis Patrik Hallgrens kusin Kristian Svenssons seriestripp som bland annat finns med i tidningen Dagen.
Mer finns på dagen.se och http://www.kristiansvensson.be/ hans egen hemsida. Kul va?

söndag 28 juni 2009

Some piece of advice to Obama

Freaking hilarious picture of Obama!
My first advice to him if he want to be reelected: cut your hair before it becomes like this, hehe!

My opinions about Obama and his politics:

There's a sympathic Obama we see in the media here in the west, but I can't stop asking myself; where is his sympathy for the unborn children?

He's a great guy mostly! For freedom, liberty, prosperity, democracy, the environment, and the idea of diplomacy instead of tanks' and the such! That's great and You feel his quite a sympathetic guy; that guy: who's ruling the biggest super power of the world! But in all this warmth and all this fussiness found in his speeches and commercials where are his sympathy for the unborn children? They are the most harmless, un-guilty humans we can find, yet they have no right here in the west (except on Ireland the great role model and exception)! It doesn't matter that they suck their thumbs from week 8 and that they have hands and feet like us! They aren't human they say, yet they still remain exactly so human as they always have been! And Obama think that to murder them with scalpels and poison! Yet he thinks it's okay to kill them through abortions, he even withdrew a legistlation (that G.W. Bush put in place ) witch made it illegal to preform partial birth abortion in the United States. My question to him is how can You let the murders of the unborn go on? It's like you think it's more important to save the whales or the rain-forest than completely innocent children?! The world is all backwards sometimes.. (the devil, he laughs at the insanity..)


A little socialist advice hailling from the safehaven of the socialistic democracy of Sweden (things I find all backwards in the U.S.):

The social system in the United States is not based on bounds of sympathy of a sound democratic/civilized society in the way that ties everyone together in a collective that's caring for eachother (like Sweden, and all the other western European countries I know of), no the oposite. The rule of thumb in states is; it's every man for himself! And you guys call yourself an example to the world! America is as of now not a working democratic and humanitarian society. The social system in 'the states' are totally substandard atleast if your poor and/or uninsured (44,8 million people a aproxematly 15,3%/8th part of US population*): as You are welcomed to public hospitals in life threatening situations. But - and a big but it is (not the one you sit on) - after the treatments/operations that may have mended your medical condition: you're then a guilty son of b***h. And more ofthen than not when You come back to your poor uninsured trailor park trailor in a neighbourhood of other broke trailorpark trailor neighbours. You have no where to go to get help with repaying your depts to the hospital no rich friends, no get rich quick schemes (that's really fit for your-uneducated-head-on-a-disabled-body-in-a-wheelchair-sitting-alone-in-my-trailor-without-netpoker- situation) and withouth the most important thing living as a trailorpark trash (your not trash in God's eyes); a unreliable insurance company (and You didn't even afford paying those kinds of unreliable insurance companies either).

Obama let say You can form a society like here in Sweden (it's not far fetched) we a have a quite functioning social democratic society (but actually with the rule of the bourgeoise's elected right wing parties, the moderates (the moderates -->(socialistic) market liberals), the center (centern --> a right wing party, with the eye countryside, ) and the Folk Pary (Folkpartiet, (socialistic) liberals) and the Christian Democrates (that's my party - for entrepenourships and family values but also for social welfare and aid to the 'third world' as important issues). So You see a practical and moderate way is possible for You to direct your contry!

Our system that has got a little more taxes than You (perhaps 15% more per person), we all get free education, free health care (we pay for our own medication if it not reaches over ca 1000SEK (approximately 130$) , free retirement aid and other aids, ca 2 years you can stay home with your newborn and the such. Our system has flaws like the society turning back on the old people on the old people's home. But if You compare our 2 countries our country is kingdom of heaven on earth (except we kill the unborn like You do, and neglect the old.. minor details (not)..) and that you and the other western countries (and perhaps Dubai) together form a modern day Babylon (the greatest upholder of social injustice in the whole world or perhaps more fairly a price you share with the big corporations - who mostly is seated in your country).

To be fair your on your way with a reform that will give free health care for the children in some extent, at least in the way that the state pays for insurances. A question to you right wing capitalist and market liberals, why is it in the poor children of the states interest that you take tax money and put it in already rich pockets of the shareholders of private owned hospitals? Why don't reform your system and make it like here in Sweden; our health care is based mostly on state owned hospitals with the addition of private hospitals (who can specialize in different things and compete) in that way we've maximized the efficiency of the taxes set aside for health care. We minimize in this way that the money go to rich share holders and yet we give a competing health care. (Ofc it has flaws also. We're working on them, soon You'll be able to choose your clinic within the whole of EU and the swedish taxes will pay for your treatments there.)

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
The Stockholm Syndrome Pt. 1
Daily Show
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Political HumorJason Jones in Iran
A funny episode of the daily show, that underlines what I'm saying about our system..
Quote: "She's smell like lavender and free education.."

The environment
You are approximately 5% of the total and youze guys use up a third of the worlds resources and the average American doesn't recycle their stuff! Way to go America! This must 'change', and this lack of responsibility of the American consumers bound to over-consumerism must chage! But hey, I have to give You an aplaud, Mr. Barack, for the huge amount You want to set aside of for climate/envoirmental friendly research witch is a 1000 billion dollars wich is a greath deal even for the US! But the root of the problem won't be solved by all this money; the biggest problem is over-consumerism! If you love other people more than owning new junk, buy less! Give the money to some NGO organisation engaged in helping someone feed someone that's starving, or some organisation that's drilling water well in the Sahara or helping Africa getting rid of Aids.. Then you fix two problems at the same time: your overconsumarism (that won't make you any happier, things can't make you happy in the long run), and the third worlds problems..

The military
Drop it's funding don't drop the bombs! Yes there are evil people out there! But bombing innocent people is not the way of 'cleaning' this world from evi! Instead what if these brainwashed "militant fundamentalist muslims" people would see kindness in your actions, they'd perhaps want to be like you! Then you can really reshape the world! Then you are a light that shines in the world! Then you really are a follower of christ! (as You claim to bee) Armies are just for protecting the innocent, and not to invade countries as the collateral damage/death you cause are almost every time more than you fix/save! Just look at the wars in Iraq and Vietnam (of of these wars have possibly caused more deaths than the dictatorships they tried to uproot). Okay, there are some justifiable wars such as the war against Adolf in the 1940s, "but every rule has an exception".

Yes, the american people could vote for change! So yes the americans could change Mr Obama! But could you change your own flaws yourself Obama! Now you've picked the splinter out of George Bush's eyes and changed his america! But can you take out the logs of your own eyes? Why wage war against injustice in other countries for billions and billions of dollars when your own 'kingdom' uphold all these namned injustices? You must first pick the log from your own eye before You can pick out the pic in your brothers eye!

If there are a thing as rigtheous wars it's the one where You stop the killings of the innocent; like in WW2. The thing is there are equal situations that where more like the situation in WW2; like in Ruanda, and how it is in Darfur (Sudan), North Korea, Iran and Zimbawe! That's countries where an american military force if trained not to shoot at civilians even if they risk their own lifes could to do a change for the better. I figure for many politicians in america, the most important part with the wars in the middleast: is the safety for the 'states import of oil from the middle east (the Bush administration invaded Iraq even though there where no known connection with Al Qaida for instance. Bush himself did not know this though). Once again the ugly face of materialism is showing itself..

God bless america!
It's good that You say these thing over your contry, even though you aren't that clear becon of light You say You are, Mr Obama, but words matter and even more so the words of our prayers directed to the God almighty! But he tend to hear prayers from those who have a really broken spirit for the poor and neglected people rather than from wannabe christians who neglects the poor and needy and promotes the killing of unborn children.

(Just read the begining 5 chapters -who's about caring for the poor and lonely - or so of the book of revelations in the Bible, Barack! And you'll know what I mean..). (This critique could go to G.W. Bush as well, but he's in the past..)

God listens to the prayers of the sinners, when we repent! As we're all sinners so we all have to repent from time to time! So please give ear to what I have to say and repent as I hope to meet you up above in heaven or 'kingdom come' on earth (or wherever the paradise will be at). And at that moment You'll see that the - His - light is even brighter than You imagined and what he stand for is so mutch brighter than You imagined here on earth, and that you'll have the chance to bow your knees and truly repeant and get the forgiveness for our sins and egoism, we the rest also need!

God is good and a real submission to him, is just the same as recognzing to yourself that you need help, and to subject to his will. And remember: it's all finished on the cross man! Doesn't matter if you have a afro or not or even own a Bible! But you have to have submitting heart!

It's also true that this prayer matters for the vast majority is believers in the U.S, you might pray it for their sake. And for the sake of tradition. Potentially you do it to claim votes. Anyhow: I think God is the glue that keeps your egocentric country full of problems together, and help this Obama boat not from sinking!

May God bless america with holiness, and mercifulness and with an abundance of love!

(*http://www.cbpp.org/cms/?fa=view&id=245 stated in 2007 that amounted to the total of 44.8 million people a aproxematly 8th part of US population, anno 2005)

måndag 15 juni 2009

Death cab for cutie

Kan det vara detta som Death Cab for Cuties namn syftar på? Typ en sorts ride towards the river of Styx!?

En bilresa mot döden.. (english further below) (swedish)

Tänk dig detta scenario: att du som person åker igenom en regnigt industrilandskap och du vet att du är på väg att dö, den som kör dig heter döden och du är på väg till ett ställe där du kommer sluta att leva, där döden kommer ta ditt liv. Tänk dig att allt detta väljer du att ignorera för att du tycker att underhållningen i bilen är ganska kul, du hittade en Tetris där i baksätet och den kan du inte slita dina ögon ifrån..

Att det sen kommer en ängel som hette Christian och som öppnade din dör och sa välkommen till ett evigt liv och frihet och kärlek, det struntar du i . Han förklarar vidare att allt detta kommer du få i nåd, inget motkrav krävs annat än att du tror och tar emot det min herre Jesus gjorde för dig på ett kors för 2000 år sedan; att han dog för dina synder. Men nej du skiter i't, den lilla underhållning du var fixerad vid gjorde så att du inte hörde på så noga, sen efter en stund när ängeln hade flugit iväg för att rädda någon annan stackare i någon annan bil glömmer du bort allting för att du är så inne i ditt Tetris-spelande. Efter 10min är det bara en liten tanke i ditt bakhuvud, dörren är fortfarande öppen men du sitter kvar med ditt Tetris. Du orkade ändå inte bry dig om vad han sa för du misstänker att om man ska bli Kristen måste man bli religiös (tror du) och måste börja gå till en ställe som heter kyrka (för ofta) och att man aldrig får lata sig eller ha kul och bli en god människa som inte bara leker med Tetris spel, utan även hjälper människor, så orkar du inte lämna bilen för friheten utanför.. Det är bessynerligt.. Friheten är ju utanför dödens bil! Gud har ju till och med skapat allt det goda i livet, tror du inte verkligen att han vill att du ska njuta av det? Han vill att du ska göra just det, men på rätt sätt! Att älska sin nästa som dig själv och älska Gud av hela sitt hjärta är det ända som Guds lag kräver enligt Jesus i evangelierna! Och om kärlek till folk känns som för stort krav även det, så ska du komma ihåg att den som tar emot Jesus ska få sitt innre uppfyllt av Jesus kärlek (iaf för den kristna som kommer ihåg att hänga sig med Jesus och fyller sig med den helige ande)!

Många ateistiska människor man möter säger att de inte bryr sig om Gud finns för att de är nöjda med livet som det är.. Trots att de inte kan hitta en riktig mening med deras liv annat än kortvariga nöjen och att träffa kompis som i och för sig kan vara rätt trevliga men där samtalsämnena börja vara på repeat rätt ofta eller i alla fall bara handla om tomt prat, vilken artist är egentligen bäst Enya eller Metallica osv.. Man gör saker som i och för sig är små kul, men som bara egentligen är tidsfördriv, men eg känns det som att detta är bara är apertisers för det som livet egentligen handlar om, det som man känner på sig att man saknar men inte kan sätta fingret på.

Men jag tror att man kan åka runt hela jorden utan att hitta detta.. för det som man letar efter hör inte till denna världen till.. Mitt råd till dig lär känna Gud och få känna på det riktiga livet (få se häftiga saker som helanden och bönesvar och få ett hopp för din situation och hopp om himlen), och få upp ögonen för den ovillkorliga kärleken han känner för dig, som en förälder känner för sitt barn (times a million)! Hans kärlek är äkta och utan minsta fläck, det är i honom vi borde söka det riktiga livet och glädjen!

2Kor 7:10

En sorg efter Guds vilja leder till en omvändelse som ger frälsning och som ingen behöver ångra, medan världens sätt att sörja leder till död.


Kol 1:20

...och att genom hans (Jesus) blod (dvs. hans död) på korset stifta fred och försona allt med sig genom honom och till honom, allt på jorden och allt i himlen.


1 Kor 1:18

Talet om korset är en dårskap för dem som går förlorade, men för oss som räddas är det en Guds kraft.

Ps. Som kristen får man fortfarande ha kul, man får inga pluspoäng av Gud för att ha tråkigt, det handlar bara om att låta kärleken förvandla en och låta Gud förvandla ens sätt att vara mot andra människor! Att helt enkelt göra som Gud och bli människa! (den människa som Gud skapade en för att vara, dvs. ett barn nära Guds hjärta) .DS

ENGLISH (loose transilation):

Envision this scenario: your a person driven in small disgusting and smelly cab through a raining industrial landscape. And you know that your on your way to certain death, in fact it's death himself driving. Envision that you'll ignore all this stuff just because you have a little funny gadget with you, you think is somewhat okay entertainment (you found a old Gamboy in the backseat). That's you right now if You haven't accepted Jesus. Your a prisoner of Satan the Bible teaches us and he's on his way with You toward eternal death and separation from the loving God! God is love and he gave You and others the possibility to choose for yourself what to do with your life that's why there are so much evil in the world, it's not because of God loving chaos, and disorder, and evil it's because God loves human so much he wont change their wills, unless they themselves pray for that! Anyhow all is lame except God! Seek God I know You won't regret it! I know he's real I've experienced Him and His love!