torsdag 27 oktober 2011

So how to set it up - to make your computer porn free pornfree..

 On this site you can download a really good internetfilter. This program can with a little effort make your own computer porn free. (uninstalling it is impossible without password). It's not even possible to uninstall it in fale-safe mode in windows (then u will crash ur internet connection though). This is the best filter for private use - I have encounter by far!

So how to set it up - to make my/your computer porn free.. (windows)

1. Get a companion who will help you installing the program and hold the password for you.. (I can help You, or preferably someone you live with like your spouse/wife/husband). They will need a email adress.

2. Just install the program
A. Fill in this form:, and u'll get a email (preferably the email adress of your companion in this, as lost password request will come to this adress. You can sometimes change afterwards - I have had problems with this though)

B. Follow the link in the email and you will get to download the program.

C. Double click on the installation file,  and fill in the license number u recieved in the email.

D. Choose a destination folder. And click next - and it will install the program!
(the computers neets to reboot to complete the installation)

3. Set the filter after your preferences. Perhaps you only want to filter porn, then just go to set up cathegories, and click custom filtering. And uncheck all the options. I would sudgest that You remain the selection though, and filter away all the open image search/server sites though and bittorent sites for instance  as there are mutch porn and nudity on those sites as well.

4. Email the password to your companion and then delete the passwords, and all the emails containing it. Even the one in the sent folter and when u deleted that one, delete it permanetly by deleting it in the trashfolder (atleast that is how thorough u have to be in gmail and hotmail for instance, if u want to delete all the traises of the mail.)

Good luck and God bless! :) Pray to Jesus as well that he'll help you that is always helpfull.. :)