torsdag 8 oktober 2009

Kibtutzes in Sweden!?

Varför inte starta kibutzer i Sverige där flytkingar som inte får uppehållstillstånd, kan få arbets-uppehållstillstånd där man skriver upp sig på att bo i 5 år och man jobbar med ett självförsöjande jordbruk och med skogsaverkning e ju brist på skogsmaskins förare hörde jag. Jag menar vi har inte direkt dåligt med utrymme i vare sig Sverige, Norge, Rysslan, eller Nord Amerika.. Varför finns det inte sånna här redan?

Sum up in english (will translate it soon): Why don't we have self providing kibutzes in Sweden and in other scarsly populated areas in the rich western world? Where refugees can come to live for a while?

torsdag 1 oktober 2009

A new T-design I made!

You can buy it on the site Redbubble <--click me! I bought it and I liked it! (this site is a portal for all kinds of creative people where they sell their work, You should seriously check it out, and while your at it look at my other stuff I put up there too)

I have an additional website (actually I have more but this is the one I'm proud of) where I have my portfolio, from my work as a graphical artist. I also have my CV/resumé there for the ones interested in that. Feel free to check it out:

Controll the Bus - controll the traffic

This was the concept for a remote I had to come up with in school (as an homework, I study interaction design). As to the idea, I say why not? Of course it need some limitations, such as the reach and how many times you would be able to stop the bus on a bus line from A to B. It would help a lot of people, in hurry, when the bus arrives to soon! And hehe, the chick is just put in there for fun of it.. I can say all my class mates laughed at the presentation..

And oh, You also have microphone and speakers who let you switch witch bus you want to stop, and speakers who tells you whats going on.

The light version of this system would be a similar button that is automatic on the bus or the bustop, all for the sake of helping the commuters. Don't know why this doesn't already exist, it's not impossible? Why not adda a button like this on the bus-card (on monthly, full-term cards and the such, so more people will buy them)?