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Why Swedish healthcare system is more humane than the American.

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A funny episode from the daily show, that underlines what I'm saying about our system..
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What is socialism? Socialism not about being irresponsible and giving heaps of money to people who don't want to carry their own weight. It's perfecting a system that helps all people in need, (and minimizing the ways to take advantage of the system while doing that).

It's a fact that sickness strikes randomly and with different amount of severity.. Sometimes the burden can be so very big to carry for a uncovered person (without insurance), for those people it is of course better to share the burden. And the thing is you never know if someone in your surroundings or yourselves will get in that kind of situation (you might become bankrupped, or unemployed because of sickness and other disasters/misfortunes), so both in a unselfish/emphatic viewpoint and in an self centered viewpoint it is better to have an socialistic healthcare system. It helps you when you are in need, and it helps others when they are in need. This is not unfair, it's compassion worked in to the social system.

Even though it's said that you only need to pay when you have money, in the U.S system (or atleast pay less) you will still be almost stony-broke in the end. The sick bill will eat away all money in the end anyway. A sick person is probably less capable of bettering their own wages, they will probably be stuck with their bill for the rest of their lives, eating away of the small amount of money they got. That is also true for a person born poor, how will they have supposed to get a good job to pay of their hospital bills (when they never had the money to go to a fancy school)? And when they get a little bit more money they can't save it, because it will go to their hospital bills. It's mostly circumstantial and out of peoples controll, these kinds of things and it hits the weakest people in the society; the week and the poor.

In Sweden no one neglects going to the hospital out of fear of being weighed down with a life long depts. Though that happens in the states, so obviously there is a flaw in the American system. All people in need don't get treated.

In our system we have made it so that no one can go without help when sickness hits you, as the system help you if that happens (we share the burden of all the societies sickness). Everyone dares going to the hospital.

Still to my best understanding the U.S. has some sort of system that never overwelms people with to much cost on the same time and that's good. Still the cost will hit you later when you are able to repay bigger amounts. This is what I think: the one that is poor ofthen desperately needs support in different ways, and need financial aid much more than the one that is rich needs it, so as we can aid him we should aid him from life long debts. Why should we go around with unnecessary surplus of wealth when other people are afraid to go the hospital out of fear of life long depts? But we shouldn't either overheap the poor with money (without him working for it), not so much he has no incentive to work and take his responsibility to carry and support the society. I think Swedish welfare has reached this equilibrium.

One thing is important to add: we can all turn out poor by the circumstances in life, so a society that helps the poor potentially helps you even if your rich. If you ever have a stroke of bad luck a society like the Swedish society will in a better way help you to get on you feet again.

And oh, not many aim to be sick just they know they can always go to the hospital for free. It's a mess being sicked! So free health care won't be taken avantage of - not noteably atleast! (and in sweden we to pay our own bill up to circa 125$ a year. So we don't go the hospital as soon as we start coughing a little bit..)