lördag 7 juli 2012

We are all one cell in the begining - abolish abortion

When does an human cell becomce an new individual? - At conception, of course, there is no point more clear than that when a new life comes in even when a new individual's DNA is created. If I am within my mothers womb it does not mean I am part of my mothers body. If you put it like this: would I be part of the whales body just because he swollowed me whole and I am in his belly? No? Not even if I was attached with an umbilical chord.. I am not the whale I am a individual of my own right, in particular because I have a body, a DNA, and I believe a soul and a personality of my own..

När blir en individuell människa till? - vid befruktningen såklart, det finns ingen tydligare gräns än när ett nytt liv kommer till än när ett ny individs DNA blir till..

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